TEDxSanJoseStateUniversity – “The Dinner Table”

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The Dinner Table

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Date(s) - 12/07/2013
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm


TEDxSanJoseStateUniversity aims to present innovative ideas from an array of leading experts and creative minds to redefine community building.

The Dinner Table is representative of human connections: innate connections (hunger) and intellectual connections (ideas/experiences). While bringing the conversations to dinner tables, people will be able to develop conversations comfortably and expand on the speakers’ (or their) ideas. Keeping open communications between is essential to bringing out innovation. Our theme for our speakers will center around the core value of “sharing,”. Our speakers will share their experiences and relate it to how it builds a community up.

Our event’s mission is to broaden the perspective of its audience to strengthen communities through economic, scientific, political, and social change. The event will host 100 attendees and is bringing the public together to inspire and stimulate the minds of students, educators, engineers, entrepreneurs, health professionals, politicians, community advocates, and citizens alike. There’s always room at our dinner table – join us!

Our Speakers

Thalia Anagnos – SJSU Alumni & College of Engineering

Young Han – SJSU Alumni & CEO of GoVoluntr

Cathleen Miller — Bestselling Author and Women’s Advocate

Tony Traback – Pastor of The River Church Community

Kim Komenich – SJSU Professor & Pulitzer Prize Winner

William Reckmeyer – SJSU Outstanding Professor 2009 – 2010

Dr. David Vinson – UC Berkeley Alumni & Emergency Physician

Mark Heinlein – SJSU Alumni & Award-Winning Poet

Daniel Stringer – Stanford PhD Candidate and Researcher

Rian Rodriguez (plus Quartet) – Music Director for Leland High